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Live as if you were living already for the second time.

Everyone who worked there was super sweet

Shabu On Fire was delicious! Before coming to Shabu, we stopped into Sushi on Fire – just a tip to everyone, the host there was one of the most rude people I’ve ever encountered. She yells in your face about the wait time, how busy it is, and tells you to get out of her way. It was almost like I thought it was a joke because she was so rude! We left there and went straight to Shabu on Fire because it’s the same menu, and just a few steps down.

The service and vibe here was night and day compared to sushi on fire! We were greeted right away with a smile, and everyone who worked there was super sweet to us. We were seated within 15 minutes! The menu has tons of choices!

The miso soup was SO GOOD, and our sushi was amazing! It was warm and fresh, and they had yummy sauces. We also had vegetable tempura, which was yummy too, but hotter than I thought, aka it burnt my mouth off! Oh well, worth it. I also got fried rice and it was delicious. Everything I ate was honestly amazing – so fresh, warm, and tasty!

I give 5 stars because this place has amazing food and sushi, and the service rocks! Thank you Shabu!

Kaylyn W. Wayzata, MN

The meat is perfectly sliced and of good quality.

Best shabu place hands down we’ve been to. My wife and I have been coming to shabu on fire consistently for the past few years and always regret not coming here when we check out other places. The spicy miso is perfect, not watered down and they adjust it to how spicy you prefer it, and the idea of doing a noodle soup at the end is always fun. The veggie plate is great for the wife and the meat is perfectly sliced and of good quality.

Mike L. Loma Linda, CA

I love this place!

I love this place! After a day at the beach, my family was looking for some tasty Asian food. I stumbled upon Shabu on Fire and had to stop in. I had never heard of Shabu before and I was very curious. It has such a fun atmosphere and the food is so good! Save room for some soup at the end because they take all of your cooked ingredients and ass a soup base. I really like the miso soup base.

Molly R. Houston, TX


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301 Main St. Ste 110 Huntington Beach, CA 92648